Please keep in mind that these guidelines may change at any time before or during your trip. They at are meant to help you navigate safely throughout your BCG Getaway Experience and provide a baseline of expectation.

BCG Guidelines and Safety Measures
• Be sure your passport is up to date!!
• BCG strongly “suggest” all trip participants get their own covid-19 test 1 week prior to entering the country of Jamaica. 
• BCG suggests all participants bring several (2-3) face masks of their own.
• BCG suggests all participants Bring their PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)! 😊
• Again make sure you have your passport.
• A covid 19 test may be required by every person entering the country. Subject to and Administered by Jamaican Officials. 
• All Guests traveling into Jamaica will have to present a Travel Authorization Form before checking in for your flight leaving the United States. Without a Travel Authorization form you will not be able to check in for your flight. Please Visit https://www.visitjamaica.com/ for more information.
• All Guests attending BCG events.  Everyone is required to have a negative Covid 19 test 7-10 days prior to your arrival date into Montego Bay Jamaica and to bring those test results with you.
• Guests that are not traveling from states above can still be tested and present a negative Covid 19 Test. Upon your arrival into Montego Bay Jamaica all persons that do not present a negative covid 19 test will be tested at the airport. Nasal and Mouth swab.
AIRPORT TRANSFER: (Only for Couples/Guests that purchase transportation with BCG) 
• Please be patient at the airport because transportation is taking longer than normally there. 
• We strongly suggest you use our “Trusted” and “Time Tested” transportation company. 
• Click here to purchase ground transportation – https://wt117.infusionsoft.app/app/storeFront/showCategoryPage?categoryId=34 
• Using outside transportation poses unnecessary risks which we think is unwise for this particular trip. 
• Guests will have to social distance six feet apart when boarding the Van.
• Guests will be assigned to every other seat on the Van.
• Guests are required to wear a mask while on the Van.
The safety and wellbeing of our guests and colleagues is always a top priority. In light of COVID-19 and for precautionary measures, the following services and facilities will be impacted. For inquiries, please contact the hotel directly.
Closed until further notice – Business Center
Limited service available – Food Service (restaurant rotation system), Bar Service (restaurant rotation system), Shuttle (limited to 50% capacity), Fitness Center (reservations recommended, social distancing observed), Pool (social distancing observed), Spa (social distancing observed, limited to 50% occupancy).
Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment focuses on the safety and wellbeing of our colleagues and guests, and builds on existing rigorous safety and cleanliness protocols. The commitment includes an international cleanliness and training accreditation process, a trained Hygiene & Wellbeing Leader or team at all locations, and a cross-functional panel of trusted medical and industry advisors. Visit Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment to learn more about enhanced safety and cleanliness measures you may see at Hyatt hotels worldwide.
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Following American Hotel & Lodging Association’s (AHLA) recent announcement of its “Safe Stay Guest Checklist”—and following medical expert guidance to help reduce the spread of COVID-19—all Hyatt hotels in the U.S. and Canada will require face coverings within indoor public areas beginning Monday, July 27, for the foreseeable future.
Public areas may include hotel lobbies, meetings and events spaces, restaurants and bars, and fitness centers. Some guests may be exempt from this mandate, including but not limited to guests with medical conditions, guests consuming food or beverages in restaurants, and children under the age of 2. Contact your nearest Hyatt Global Contact Center for more information.
We believe in responsible and safe travel while staying vigilant and following procedures and protocols developed in consideration of guidance and information shared by the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), other leading organizations and experts, and local government requirements and guidance.
Hyatt hotels continue to welcome business and leisure travelers with our established operational excellence and commitment to care as we reimagine the hotel experience.
• Guest will be required to wear mask in public area of the hotel and practice social distancing when Checking in at front desk  BCG Registrations.
• Restaurant is open Face Mask  is required while waiting to be seated.
• Gym is open 
• Spa is open 
• Beach Area is open 
• All Pools is open
• Mask will be required to enter The BCG Receptions and Evening Events will also require mask to get into those parties as well.
• BCG will have all parties as advertised (Matching Outfits, Lemonade Party, and Red, Black Green and Yellow Party) .
• Social distancing of 6 Feet while in line before entering the Ballroom.  
• Temperature checks will be administered at the door of each event by a register nurse for everyone’s safety. 
• The parties will be set up to ensure social distancing but they will be full fledged parties!!
• Social distancing of six (6) feet while on all excursions.
• Mask will be required for transportation to and from your Excursions.
• We will have more information very soon as to policy and procedures for Excursions but we are scheduled to do the excursions– stay tuned!
• Download this app immediately! 
• We will be located in the St. James Parrish.
• Actual real time statistics. 
Be prepared to enjoy Beautiful and Fun Couples, an All-Inclusive and Beautiful Resort, Pristine Beaches, Great Food and a Great GETAWAY!!
Thank you,
Black Couple Getaways