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This Black Couple Getaways Adventure is designed for Ultra Professional Couples who likes to try new adventures and enjoys hanging out with other urban, chic, and “Cool” couples. It’s okay to invite your coupled-up friends too because this trip offers non-stop FUN “GROUP ACTIVITY” all weekend long! If you are celebrating an Anniversary, Birthday or any special occasion we invite yall to join us. Meeting new couples from across the country, enjoying the beautiful towns of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and The Beautiful Smoky Mountains is one weekend you the will always remember!


Join us for an Action-Packed Weekend full of Top Notch Grown Professionals and really FUN Events! ONLY $2,000.00 PER COUPLE!! ($100 Early-Bird Discount!)

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Check Out The FUN Activities For Top Notch Grown Professional Couples! ONLY $2,00.00 PER COUPLE!! ($100.00 Early Bird Discount too!)

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 TRIP DATES: February 21, 22, 23 and checking out on the 24th of 2025!

Cost – $2,000.00 Per Couple! (Limited KING Beds so hurry!)

 $200.00 Non-Refundable Deposit.






(Optional of course) 



Experience the Essence of Las Vegas in The Smokey Mountains!!


  • Coach Bus Trip to and from Gatlinburg to Harrah’s Cherokee Casino!
  • Harrah’s Newly Renovated Top Notch Casino!
  • Snacks and Drinks provided
  • Music and Fun
  • More Stories To Tell!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions…


Q. When is this trip?
A. This trip happens on February 21,22,23 – checking out on the 24th of 2025 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee


Q. How much is this Getaway?
A. It’s $1,000 per person and that does n0t including skiing. 


Q. Does the $200.00 non-refundable deposit go towards my trip?
A. Yes it does


Q. How does the payment/installment plan work?
A. First you register online, and you see the installments breakdown before you register. Most couples choose this option!


Q. Did BCG change their terms and conditions policy?
A. Yes, we did. Please click here –


Q. Where is the closest airport to fly in to?
A. Knoxville, TN ((TYS-McGhee Tyson)


Q. Should I rent a car if i fly in?
A. Definitely! Rent a $50.00/$60.00 a day car so you can get around and enjoy the city. 


Q. What is the Refund-Policy?
A. Your first deposit of $200.00 is Non-Refundable; however, it does count towards your trip total if you attend the trip. NO REFUNDS are given within 60 days of canceling your trip. The $200 deposit is Non-Refundable & Non-Transferable. Please click this link to see our “TERMS AND CONDITIONS” regarding this trip and cancellation –


Q. What is included on the Black Couple Smokey Mountain Getaway trip?
A. The GETAWAY includes The Following:

• Four (4) Days/Three (3) Nights Hotel Stay, Food, All Parties & Relationship Sessions!
• PREMIUM Open Bar during Parties!!
• Rep Your City Welcome Reception! (Food)
• Sneaker Ball!
• Pajama Jam! (Pizza Party)
• Comedy Show!
• Gold & Black Affair & Dinner (Food)
• Harrah’s Casino Trip! (Additional Bus Fee)
• QUEEN’S Empowerment Session & KING’S Empowerment Session
• One (1) Business Networking Session!
• Battle of The Sexes!
• Skiing and Ski Lessons! (optional – $120pp)
• Souvenir Black Couple Getaways T-Shirts
• 360 Machine Personal Video!
• Moonshine/Wine Tastings
• Sightseeing, Interactive Games and more…



Q. Do you have videos from any BCG Getaways?
A. Yes please click on both links – and


Q. Is my money refundable?
A. The first $200.00 of your money is Non-Refundable. If you cancel within 60 days before your trip, then of ALL money that has been collected is non-refundable 


Q. Is skiing included?
A. Skiing is not included and it’s optional and at a discounted group price & includes: (1) tram ticket, ski lessons & ski equipment needed –for $125.00pp (Just bring a ski bib which can be rented on the mountain or purchased at Amazon or Burlington Coat Factory for about $40.00)


Q. Who actually goes on The BCG Smokey Mountain Getaway?
A. Beautiful Couples from around the country attend this adventure every year! FUN from around the country who want to have a weekend of “” and do a little bit of “Networking” in a “Safe & Relaxed” environment. Tons of Fun and Memories await you and your significant other on this Couples Adventure!


Q. Is skiing provided in my package?
A. Skiing is an optional event that we provide at a discounted price of $125.00pp and includes (1) tram ticket, ski lessons, ski boot, poles and skis. Just dress warm, bring gloves, warm socks and a hat, we have the rest – you can buy a $40.00 ski bib at Amazon or Burlington Coat Factory too or you can rent one on the mountain too. 


Q. Is there a shuttle from The Knoxville Airport to The Hotel?
A. No shuttle is available; best to get $50/$60 a day rent a car.


Q. How far is the hotel from the airport?
A. It’s about a 40-45-minute drive from the airport to the hotel.


Q. What time is check in?
A. Check in is at 3:00pm and you will get detailed itinerary a few weeks before the trip.


Q. Can I just buy “Party Passes” for the each of the parties for Weekend If I already have my own accommodations?
A. Unfortunately the answer to this “much asked” question is NO. We have an open bar pretty throughout the weekend and there is much too much liability on our company to allow people outside people access to the events. It’s a safety, insurance and security issue. 


Q. What if I can’t go because of a family emergency, work requirement, or any issue after I have paid on my trip? Can I transfer/sell my trip and the money I have paid to a friend or another person?

A. Unfortunately trips are non- transferable.


Q. What if I don’t want to ski
A. We encourage everyone to at least try and take the lessons cause it really fun! 


Q. Do you keep my credit card information on file after that trip is over?
A. No all credit/debit card information is securely discarded after the trip is over.


Q. Can I pay off my trip at anytime?
A. Yes you can pay in full at any time. Just log into your account from the website. 


Q. Does this trip include an open bar?
A. Yes we provide a “Premium Open” bar at select event(s) throughout the weekend!!


Q. Is skiing included into the pricing and how much is to ski?
A. Skiing is additional and it’s $125.00 per person for ski equipment and lessons.


Q. What do I need to buy for the Smokey Mountain Getaway?
A. You will need to bring the following items:

Relaxed & Casual Winter Wear
Sweatshirts and Sweaters
Wool or Thermal Socks
Warm Jacket
Outfit for the The “Black” Affair!
Your “Rep Yo City” Welcome Reception!
Your Coolest Sneakers! 


Q. Can I stay on the same floor as my friends? 
A. That is a hotel decision based on room availability and something you can take up with the front desk upon check in. 


Q. Can I carpool with couples from my city?
A. Yes, there are always several couples coming from the same city and we always encourage them to carpool together.


Q. Can I bring my children on this trip?
A. No this is an adult outing with all adult activities. Leave the kids with relatives and get out of town fast!


Q. Do I need any extra money?
A. Yes please bring money for your dinners and lunch on the mountain and for shopping at the outlet malls and for your souvenirs.




  1. What Happens on The Black Couples Getaway…Stays on The Black Couples Getaway!
  2. Thou shall allow and respect each other’s party mode
  3. Thou shall encourage one another on the trip at all times
  4. Thou shall do something every day of the trip that your partner will be surprised by
  5. Thou shall party with your fellow couples past your normal bedtimes.
  6. Thou shall network with other couples and try your best to either connect or pass a connect on to your fellow couples
  7. Thou shall motivate & inspire other couples all throughout the trip
  8. Thou shall wake up each morning with a smile on your face – YOLO
  9. Thou shall yield to good sense on the trip
  10. Thou shall be discreet on the Black Couples Adventure as it pertains to other couples on the trip.


$100 Early-Bird Discount Code is – getaway


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$100 Early-Bird Discount Code is – getaway